Alzeheimer's Disease

Some experts refer to Alzheimers Disease as Type 3 Diabetes.  There could be several causes for Alzheimers but one of the main ones is insulin resistance.  The brain receives enough glucose but cannot process it for efficiently.  

What babies can tell us About Alzheimer's

This is a good video about Alzheimer's.  The baby connection is that babies are keto adatped and are in fact born with ketones in their blood.  Ketones can help to alleviate some of the symtoms of alzheimer's disease.

Amy Berger

Amy wrote a book called The Alzheimer's Antidote.  This presentation gives a quick summary the book.

Dale Bredesen

Dale wrote the book The End of Alzheimers. He talks about his work in this video.

Stephen Cunnane: Ketones and Alzheimer's Disease

Dr. Cunnane has done a lot of research relating to ketones as an aid in getting energy to the brains of alzheimer patients.