Cancer Section

This cancer section is mainly about how low carb diets and ketones are being used in new cancer treatments as well as to enhance the efficacy of chemo and/or radiation.

The Metabolic Theory of Cancer

In this video Thomas Seyfried presents his metabolic theory of Cancer.  In it he says that cancer is not caused by DNA mutations but by malfunctioning mitochondria.  Very interesting stuff.

Press Pulse

A new paradigm on how to treat cancer. 

Andrew Scarborough

Andrew Scarborough cured his brain cancer using an extreme and specialized version of the ketogenic diet.

Non-Toxic Metabolic Management of Cancer

Dom D'Agostino has been researching ketones for over 10 years.  

Adrienne Scheck

Adrienne Scheck is an experienced cancer researcher who at first dismissed ketones and the metabolic theory of cancer.  She has changed her mind on this and is now one of the main researchers on the effect of ketones on different cancer therapies.  This video is a bit technical. The main reason I put it in here is to show that using ketones and ketogenic diets is not one of those crazy alternative cancer therapies.

Dr. Dawn Lemanne

Dr. Lemanne is a practicing oncologist who uses carbohydrate restriction to treat some patients.