Carnivore Diet Section

The Carnivore Diet could be the ultimate elimination diet other than not eating at all.  A subset of the population that is sensitive to various foods seems to benefit.  An extreme case is Mikaila Peterson (daughter of Jordan Peterson) who cured her severe rheumatoid arthritis by eating only meat.

Jordon Peterson on the Joe Rogan show

World famous now, Jordan Peterson went carnivore at the urging of his daughter Mikaila.

Mikaila Peterson on the Joe Rogan show.

This story is pretty unbelievable ... but it is true.

Amber O'Hearn # 1

Amber started out vegan and ended up carnivore.  She found that she lost weight and her mental issues were resolved. 

Amber O'Hearn # 2

In this video Amber talks further about the carnivore diet and some of the benefits that have been reported.

Kelly Hogan

This is a really entertaining interview with Kelly Hogan.  She went on a carnivore diet to lose weight.  

Dr. Shawn Baker

Dr. Shawn Baker is an orthopedic surgeon, weight lifting world record holder, and carnivore diet advocate. 

What About Nutrients and Fiber

This video discusses why carnivore diets may help some people who are more sensitive some chemical that are in plant food.