Climate Change


This graphic shows that the climate models do not work.  The red line is the prediction and the green and blue lines show what was actually measured.

Climate Change Explained in 12 minutes

This short video shows that climate models do not work.

John Christy

John Christy  Dr. John Christy is a Professor of Atmospheric Science and Director of the Earth System Science Center at the University of Alabama.  He talks about the reality of climate change instead of the hype.

Fudged Data: The Short Version

This is a short Tony Keller video that talks about how climate alarmists have tampered with the data.

fudged daTA: The long Version

This is a longer video in which Tony Keller shows how the proponents of man made climate change have manipulated historical data in order to support their theories and models.

97% of scientists Do not agree

 Dr. John Robson dispels the myth that 97% of scientists agree that climate change is man-made, urgent and dangerous.

Scientists Letter to the UN: There is no Climate emergency

Climate Letter to the UN (pdf)


Former Astronauts ask Nasa to stop making unProven Claims

NASA Letter (docx)


More Carbon Dioxide = Greener Earth

Matt Ridley discusses how more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has resulted in an increased greening of the planet.

Tony Keller Again

It was hotter in the 1930's than it is today.  Tony shows the trends.

The Great Global Warming Swindle

This documentary came out in 2007 but it still holds up today.  

Roy Spencer

Roy Spencer - University of Alabama - researcher and meteorologist.

Patrick Moore

Patrick Moore is one of the founders of Greenpeace.  

Climate Gate

Key scientists who claim that man is causing global warming had to erase some data so that they could show temperatures rising instead of falling.

Manipulation of Data


Some unscrupulous scientists manipulate the data to show what they want to show.  This link takes you to a page that talks about the most egregious case of data manipulation: 

William Happer: Man made climate change - an Extraordinary Popular Delusion

William Happer is a Princeton physicist who was once the director of the Department of Energy's Office of Science.

Roy Spencer - The bias in climate science

 Climate Scientist Dr Roy Spencer tells us why our CO2 emissions are not a big problem, and why there is a bias among the legions of self-styled "Climate Scientists" most of whom are in fact computer modelers, most of whom do not have training in any science subject. 

The Solar Magnet Field and the Terrestrial Climate

This is a really interesting theory.  If it is true then the next several years are going to be cooler. If this happens the only good thing about it would be that it would be the death knell for the climate change alarmists.

How the sun and cosmic Rays affect climate

When the sun is less active the solar wind is reduced.  This means that more cosmic rays reach the lower earth atmosphere and cause cloud formation.  More lower atmosphere clouds reflect more sunlight and the earth gets cooler.  

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