Diabetes Section

 Type 2 diabetes is caused by eating too many carbs.  It is mainly sugar, and mainly the fructose in the sugar that is the cuprit.  The good news is that by going low carb you can increase your insulin sensitivity and get off all or most of your diabetes meds. 

Jason Fung: Type 2 Diabetes

Jason Fung is a nephrologist who got tired of seeing his kidney and type 2 diabetes patients get sicker and sicker. He did a lot of research and realized that diet causes type 2 diabetes and that diet can fix it. This is a short video.  Some of his books are The Obesity Code, The Diabetes Code and The Complete Guide to Fasting.  

Another "What I Learned" video

 Another "What I learned" video.  Why are you wasting your time watching the videos that I have linked to on this web site (ZonulinTightJunction) when you could go to You Tube and watch all of these "What I Learned" videos.  There are several of them and they are great. This guy is good! 

VIRTA: Type 2 Diabetes Reversal

Great video on how to reverse type 2 diabetes.

Jason Fung: What Causes Obesity

If you watched the Gary Taubes video (Adiposity 101) at the top of the Sugar/Carbs section of this web site then you will get a feeling of deja-vu when you watch this Jason Fung video. It explains why eat less and exercise more diets do not work.  Jason has 5 more videos in this series.  If you want to see them you can find them on You Tube.  I put this video in the diabetes section of the web site because Jason is one of the leading practitioners in curing type 2 diabetes.

Ivor Cummins: The Pathways of Insulin Resistance

It seems that almost every section of this website has an Ivor Cummins video.  Here is one on Diabetes (insulin resistance).

Ted Naiman: The interaction of sugar and fat

This video on insulin resistance has a lot in it.  Ted talks really fast in this presentation so that he can cover a lot of material.  You might have to pause and/or go back in this video at several points in order to soak in what he is saying.

Glucagon and Diabetes

A lack of glucagon suppression causes high levels of glucose via gluconeogenesis for those with Type I and Type ll diabetes.

Reawakening the Pancreas

In type 2 diabetes you are insulin resistant and/or the beta cells in your pancreas stop functioning.  In many cases, by changing your diet you can become more insulin sensitive and you can reactivate your beta cells.

Insulin stimulation by gut incretins

Dr Michael Eades of "Protein Power" fame talks about how the gut can stimulate insulin secretion.  Some of this he learned from Gabor Erdosi who speaks in the two videos below this one.

Gabor Erdosi: Insulin stimulation by the gut - Part 1

Gabor has researched a few thousand papers in order to find out how food effects  insulin secretion.  Intravenous glucose has less of an effect on insulin levels than glucose in the upper portion of the intestine.  The reason for this is that the upper portion of the intestine signals the pancreas to put out more insulin.

Gabor Erdosi - part 2

This is just a continuation of the above video.