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 This graphic looks pretty complicated.  The mainstream theory is that heart disease is caused by LDL getting into the lining of the arteries.  This causes a cascade of events that can result in a heart attack or stroke.  LDL is likely responding to inflammation or damage to the artery wall.  Hence, you could say that whatever causes inflammation in the artery wall causes heart disease - not LDL.  Some good videos below. 

David Diamond: LDL cholesterol is not so bad

David Diamond is a neuroscientist  who upon finding out that he was at risk for heart disease decided to look into the science. It turns out that LDL (the supposedly bad cholesterol) is not so bad and that statins do not help much and in fact statins likely cause more harm than good.

Malcolm Kendrick: The Cholesterol Hypothesis is Wrong

Malcolm Kendrick has written some good books which include "Doctoring Data: How to sort out medical advice from medical nonsense" and "A Statin Nation - Damaging Millions in a Brave New Post-Health World".  This video points out some inconsistencies in the fat and cholesterol cause heart disease theory.

Ivor Cummins: Heart Disease and Hyperinsulinemia

Ivor researches health related issues full time with the help of many collaborators.  It is not only carbs that are the problem. 

Ivor Cummins: The Cholesterol Conundrum

 This video talks about cholesterol, HDL, LDL and Triglycerides as risk factors for heart disease.  After watching it you will likely know more about this subject than your doctor. 

Malcolm Kendrick Figures it out

Ivor Cummin's interviews Malcolm in this video. In my opinion, Malcolm's theory of heart disease is the best there is.  It is multifactorial and LDL cholesterol is not the cause.  Things that cause endothelial damage cause heart disease if the rate of damage is greater than the rate at which the body can repair this damage via various inflammatory pathways.  

Chronic Inflamation is the likely source of heart disease

Gabor thinks that chronic inflammation (mainly due to eating the wrong food) is likely the cause of heart disease.   However, as Malcolm Kendrick says in the previous video, inflammation is the bodies way of healing damage so it is really the things that cause this damage that cause heart disease.

Dave Feldman: It's About Energy - Not Cholesterol

Dave Feldman is the master N=1 experimenter.  He shows how you can reduce your LDL cholesterol within a few days by eating a lot of fat.  He has a lot of other great videos which you can search out on YouTube.

Big Food and Big Pharma: Killing for Profit

Dr. Malhotra talks about stents, statins, bad incentives and bad research.  The fact that the European parliament is listening to this is hopefully a sign of progress.

Omega 3 Fats (DHA and EPA) and Heart Disease

 Omega 3 fats - specifically the Omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA - provide protection against heart disease.  You must, however, ingest DHA and EPA as supplements of fish oil or by eating fatty fish.  The human body does not do a good job of converting the main dietary non aquatic source of Omega 3 fat (alpha linolenic acid) into DHA and EPA 

Coronary Artery Calcification Testing

This video is an excerpt from the "Widowmaker" documentary below.  Your CAC (Coronary Artery Calcification) score is the best way to determine your risk of having a heart attack. 

"The Widowmaker" Documentary

This is a documentary that discusses heart attacks.  It has the tag line "watch this film ... it could save your life".  Highly recommended.

Vitamin C and Heart Disease: Part I

 It seems that vitamin C deficiency could contribute to heart disease.  In an effort to keep the cholesterol theory of heart disease alive the medical establishment has gone from blaming LDL to small LDL and now LPa (LP little a).  This could be a case of blaming the fire truck for the fire because every time you see a fire there is a fire truck there.  It could be that LDL (in the form of LPa) is there to fix the problem and does not cause it. 

Vitamin C and Heart Disease: Part II

This video goes into more detail on the mouse that was developed in order to test the Vitamin C / LPa theory of heart disease.  Hopefully others use these mice for further research into this hypothesis.

Atherosclerosis and the Cholesterol Theory: A Reappraisal

  • This paper proposes that heart disease is really just a case of slow motion scurvy due to insufficient Vitamin C. 

Atherosclerosis and the Cholesterol Theory (pdf)


LDL Cholesterol Does not cause Cardiovascular disease

This paper reviews the current literature and comes to the conclusion that LDL cholesterol does not cause heart disease.

LDL C does not cause cardiovascular disease a comprehensive review of the current literature (pdf)