Protein Section


Too much protein is not good, not enough protein is not good.  The jury is out on the optimal level of protein you should eat.

Protein for Weight Loss

This is only a preview of a Ted Naiman video that is on the Diet Doctor web site.  To see the full video go to that web site and sign on for a free trial.

Dangers of High Protein Diets

This short video claims that low protein diets are better than high protein diets.

Protein For Adults 50+

Stuart Phillips a a recognized expert on protein.  As you age you need to consume more protein but it is only helpful if you also exercise.

Ron Rosedale: How Protein Affects Aging and Cancer ... Low Protein is Better.

This video is a vote for lower protein.

Protein: How Much ?

Richard Morris is one of the Two Keto Dudes (they had a podcast).  Interesting video with lots of good information.

How does Protein affect Dietary Ketosis?

Ben Bikman explains that you can stay in ketosis if you eat higher levels of protein.  The effect of protein on insulin level depends your metabolic state.  If you are already fat adapted and in ketosis then eating more protein does not kick you out of ketosis.

Protein in Weight Loss

Another Stuart Phillips video.  He falls within the more protein is better camp.