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This is a diagram of the Glymphatic system.  The Glymphatic system helps to clean the brain of it's waste products while we sleep.  It could be that this is one of the main reasons why we need to sleep.

Matthew Walker on why getting enough Good sleep is so important

Matthew is one of the world's experts on sleep.  

How the Brain clears out Waste

This is the short version of how the brain clears out waste via the glymphatic system when we sleep.

The Glymphatic System - the Long Version

Dr. Maiken Nedergaards explains the glympatic system in more detail in this great presentation.

It Turns Out That Lymphatic Vessels Do Go Into The Brain.

It was only recently discovered that lymphatic vessels do go into the brain.  

Lymphatic Vessels In The Brain - A News Story

The video above is a bit dry.  This one is a bit more entertaining.